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Manpreet Johal

Intergenerational Trauma
Transformation Coach 
and Mentor

Manpreet Johal - Founder of Heart's Happiness and Trauma Transformation Coach specialising in Intergenerational Trauma


Everyone deserves to find their own heart's happiness and live a happy and healthy life. Life can be hard when we try and navigate through it whilst unconsciously carrying our family trauma. Heart's Happiness is here to support YOU to understand your own trauma and help you move forward with tools to promote a mentally healthier YOU!​

Email to with any enquiries.

Heart's Happiness podcast

New episode every Wednesday

Listen every Wednesday to learn more about healing from intergenerational trauma.  I share how I transformed my mental health, self-esteem and relationships after years of struggling. We speak to professionals in the field and go through tools and techniques on how to improve our mental and emotional wellbeing

My hope is by tuning in you will understand your own story and any trauma that is holding you back from having a life full of happiness instead of pain. 

It is made with so much love from my heart to yours. 


What clients say

Manpreet is amazing, I can’t say enough! I had 'Trauma in YOUR Tree' session with her along with listening to her podcasts and having access to all the valuable information and tips she shares through her various platforms. 


I am in the midst of many changes in my life, struggling with becoming the person I want to be. I didn't understand what was holding me back.  In our very first conversation, Manpreet was able to help me realize the stumbling blocks in my own head.  What was really amazing is that in a very short period of time she was able to get me to the heart of the problem that I have been struggling with for majority of my adulthood. She gave me some very practical, easy exercises that I can use to work on my inner child and also help me with self love. She’s helped me absorb and understand my inter-generational trauma. These weren't general ideas and exercises.  All these were tailored to me, to my personality and to my past. She helped me see new perspective, and has encouraged me through my healing journey. I highly recommend her services! 

Sabrina V

Pink clay image - Image by Bekky Bekks

"When we deny our stories they define us, when we OWN our stories , we get to write a brave NEW ending"

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Top 5 books to begin your healing journey

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