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I am so passionate about sharing my story to help others which is why I created the podcast Heart's Happiness. The inspiration for the title comes from my name Manpreet!  My name's meaning according to Google! 

I walked a very long and windy road to heal from the impact of my family's inter-generational trauma. It was impacting so many areas of my life and I was at a point where I felt I needed to walk a different path to my family members. In a family where addictions, depression and suicide happened I had to find another way to discover my own heart's happiness.

I learnt so much and worked with so many amazing teachers. I want to share this journey with you all every Wednesday! I will explain how this trauma was showing up in my life and what I did to transform it.  We will be talking to some fabulous guests who are specialists in their fields.

If you want to create a new path for yourself this is the podcast for you! 

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A podcast where the creator Manpreet Johal shares her journey of how her childhood trauma impacted her adult life in relationships, health, self-esteem and confidence. Manpreet talks about her journey, the tools she used and the many teachers she worked with along the way to find her own heart's happiness.

Heart's happiness has been created to help people to kick start their own healing journey with various tools and services. The hope is to raise awareness of how trauma could be impacting people's lives. As well as opening up about her own struggles, she will also be interviewing professionals in the field.

Heart's happiness hopes to inspire you to transform your own mental health and life because everyone deserves to find their own heart's happiness.

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