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I am incredibly passionate about spreading the message of the impact of our intergenerational family trauma in our lives. This trauma that is repeating in our families affects us on a personal level mentally, spiritually and physically but also impacts us in our relationships, our careers, our creativity, our sense of self and so much more! Intergenerational trauma stops up from being our authentic true self. I would love to work with others to help spread awareness of how intergenerational family trauma is impacting them and how they can transform this. I often share my own personal story to share real life examples of intergenerational family trauma and recovery.


Our Health


Suicide prevention

I discuss how suicide is a result of intergenerational family trauma using my own family as an example of how this trauma plays out in families. 



I discuss how families use addictions to numb out pain but how this blocks healing of intergenerational family trauma and allows it to keep repeating. I share tools and tips to move through this. 

People pleasing

I discuss how pleasing others can actually become an addiction and as a distraction from your own pain just like over drinking and is another implication of our intergenerational family trauma. I discuss the root of this and remedy! 


I discuss why we are so resistant to processing our grief and how we can move through grief in a healthier way. 

Our wellbeing

Another downside to our Intergenerational family trauma that families do not learn about how to practice self-care or emotionally regulate. I discuss how this pattern has repeated and how we can learn to be healthier adults.


Mental and emotional health.

I discuss how daily action can improve our mental and emotional wellbeing. 

South Asian Culture

Patriarchy in South Asian culture

Patriarchy has had devastating results in South Asian culture as it still allows abuse to continue on women even in 2020. I am able to discuss using my own family as an example of how sexism and patriarchy values in south Asian culture is continuing a pattern of domestic abuse and intergenerational family trauma. 

South Asian Culture’s impact on mental health

Intergenerational family trauma has a devastating impact on south Asian families with a high rate of suicide, anxiety, depression and mental health conditions. I am able to discuss at length the reasons for this and how we can transform this. 

Changing Your Story

Universal Law of Attraction

I discuss the impact of intergenerational family trauma on law of attraction. When we hold on to our trauma we vibrate at a lower frequency which means we can keep repeating family patterns by continually attracting the same experiences into our lives. I discuss my own story of changing my magnet and my approach to doing the same!

Behaviour change

After an extensive corporate career in change management and process change at the BBC, Arcadia, Debenhams and local authorities I have a lot to share around change. My focus being on personal change and self development. I discuss how we move from our current situation to one where we are moving towards goals of our own design. I incorporate NLP tools and change management practices into a talk to empower people to change their lives.


Transforming cultural programmes

Society, cultural and our families inform so much of our unconscious bias and how we perceive ourselves.  We may think we are not good enough or we are better than someone else due to these old cultural paradigms. I discuss where these unconscious biases come from and how we can transform them. Making us more self aware and able to work in harmony with others.

Manpreet Johal, Creator of Heart's Happiness, Intergenerational Trauma Expert
Yellow Sand - Image by Andrew Buchanan

Trauma that is repeating in our families affects us on a personal level mentally, spiritually and physically but also impacts us in our relationships, our careers, our creativity, our sense of self and so much more

Mental health awareness green ribbon

For Mental Health Awareness Month

I am speaking to organisations about combating loneliness in a post pandemic work environment.

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I speak to organisations


I love working with big and small organisations to create bespoke talking presentations both online and in-person where I can talk about intergenerational trauma and how it impacts our health, our confidence, our careers and our self-development. In these conversations, I share the foundation of intergenerational family trauma knowledge with tools and tips to help your employees develop themselves on a personal level.  If you are an organisation that really wants to support your employees to develop themselves on a personal level as you see the benefit of mentally healthy employees for your organisation then it would be great to work with you.


I speak to your customers 

Are you a business than offers mindful seminars to your customers? If you are in need to enhance your offering with some additional talks, videos or interactive sessions then adding Heart’s Happiness intergenerational family trauma training could really add value to your existing services and products. I am comfortable with creating both video and audio content.

I speak on podcasts, video and audio opportunities

​If you are in need of a guest on your show that can speak about intergenerational family trauma from an immigrant family perspective then I would  love to work with you. Intergenerational family trauma is different for families of colour as we have grown up in families where the trauma of colonisation, patriarchy, war and poverty run deep in the trauma repeating in generations.

Above the Clouds


Manpreet's Zoom talk on moving through grief was amazing, engaging and very inspiring! 

Karen B

Manpreet delivered a talk at our organisation and it was amazing and I really related to it in my own life and experiences

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