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Finding Your Heart's Happiness
8 Week Course

My 8 week signature course takes you through the very process I used in my own life to get myself out of the rut I found myself in. I was stuck, I was miserable and I couldn't carry on any longer the way I was. Something HAD TO CHANGE. It all began by me changing within.


This course is a journey of self discovery and empowerment. It aims to help you understand your family story and the way in which you are living your life. We then move on to teach you how to love yourself and create a life that makes you truly happy. It is one of a kind and guaranteed to change the way you see yourself and the world! 

From 23rd June this course launches on a new platform so it is accessible all over the world and in any time zoom. You will receive a weekly lesson over the 8 weeks with homeworks.  You will supported by Manpreet in a Facebook community and fortnightly QA sessions via zoom. These sessions and the community are an opportunity to meet others on a similar journey.

Weekly breakdown of the course below:

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Join me on Thursday 23rd June 

£397 in full or £200 for two payments

First lesson drops 12pm UK time

This price will be going up Mid July



Manpreet’s course was so much more than I was expecting; impacting so many areas of my life. It brought clarity to difficult situations and relationships, helping me combat my birth trauma.


It also, more importantly, shone a light on the ‘inner child’ and how things you may not have seen as significant have informed future behaviours and actions -  a real eye opener and game changer for me. 

I am still soaking up all the information and will be continuing to learn, heal and grow from Manpreet’s guiding hand and support during this fantastic course.


Having a wonderful, safe space with women that want to show up, feel better, be better and make lasting changes is much needed; especially for women of colour who have not grown up putting themselves first.  

Make the investment: put yourself, your mental health, your future first. It’s like being more aware and awake and time for living life in vibrant colour – do it! 


I hadn't been to a coach before Manpreet at Heart's Happiness but  I can safely say that I am glad I decided to go down this road. Manpreet has been a terrific coach particularly when it comes to pointing me in a direction and allowing me to make shifts in my thinking. I have discovered so many 'AHA' moments on this course. Manpreet has encouraged me to take, small practical steps to improve my life and the way I feel about myself. Thank you. Forever Grateful


Can't  thank Manpreet enough. I had been following her podcasts for a while and was so inspired by how openly she speaks about her own trauma experiences. The guidance and tools to move on from trauma really do help and work. I feel like a different person after 8 weeks. More confident, more aware of triggers and negative patterns for once excited about life now that I have dealt with what has been holding me back.  

Being in a group is comforting knowing others had similar experiences and going through the journey together with support. No regrets I 1000% recommend Heart's Happiness for self development and if you want to live a better life.