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Heal Your Inner Child Programme


The course, community and healing collective for empowered adults who refuse to let their past define their future

  • Learn to end cycles of self-hate, self-shame and self-criticism so you can find true happiness in your own skin.

  • Unlock deep relationships with friends, partners and yourself so you can experience feeling truly loved in your ‘enoughness’. 

  • Understand how to let go of the past without excusing your trauma, so you can feel balanced, unflappable and totally empowered! 

It’s time to Heal Your Inner Child!


Manpreet’s course was so much more than I was expecting; impacting so many areas of my life. It brought clarity to difficult situations and relationships.


It also, more importantly, shone a light on the ‘inner child’ and how things you may not have seen as significant have informed future behaviours and actions -  a real eye-opener and game changer for me. 

I am still soaking up all the information!


Make the investment: put yourself, your mental health, your future first. It’s like being more aware and awake and time for living life in vibrant colour – do it!



Right now your definition of ‘normal’ is…

  • Reminding yourself that you’re not worthy ‘enough’ to receive love, but giving and giving to others.

  • Overworking and over-giving, constantly chasing approval, worthiness and acceptance, both at work and at home.

  • Constantly being on high alert, holding yourself in a state of fight or flight, waiting to be told what you did wrong, again.

  • Being an adult with adult responsibilities and worries… but still feeling like you’re seeking your parents love and approval.

  • Worrying about other’s needs above your own, which attracts crappy partners, half-arsed friends and more evidence that you’re not worth more…


Don’t be ashamed. Let me tell you, I’ve seen this all before. And it stems from…

  • Undealt with past pain from emotionally unavailable parents

  • Feeling rejected and unloved in family relationships

  • Being trapped in cycles you don’t have the tools to break out of…

How do I know that?


Hi! I’m Manpreet, and I’m a trauma transformation coach and mentor. 


But I’m also a recovered people pleaser who recognised her string of dysfunctional relationships were dictated by depression and low self-esteem. My family had battled with the same issues but had used addictions, codependency and suicide to escape their own pain.


I knew I couldn’t follow the same damaging patterns. Something had to change. 


I started a journey of healing my intergenerational trauma and learned a new way to live - one that was finally defined by me.
Using my skills as a trauma release specialist, and an EFT and IEMT practitioner, I can offer you a multi-pronged and impactful approach to releasing trauma from both your body and mind. 
I’m here to help you break the cycle of pain that intergenerational trauma brings into our lives. 
Before I followed my passion for helping others heal from intergenerational trauma, I worked in the corporate world for over sixteen years, helping large organisations with IT and business change. Now, I combine those analytical skills with holistic trauma-informed coaching and mentoring to help people change their lives for the better, for good. 
What happened to you in your childhood isn’t a life sentence - it’s an unfinished story. And it’s time to write the next chapters yourself!
Like I said, I know exactly what you're going through right now… which is why I created the…

Heal Your Inner Child Programme


The course, community and healing collective for empowered adults who refuse to let their past define their future

You want to find confidence, joy and inner peace... but:

  • No meditation, therapy or positive affirmation has helped…

  • Guilt, shame and a lack of self-esteem have left you feeling stuck…

  • When you’ve tried to talk about your trauma before, you’ve felt judged…


It’s not your fault you haven’t been able to fall in love with yourself, have successful relationships and find fulfilment…


Without support, something to aspire to and undoubtable inspiration, you’ll keep repeating old patterns, hurting from old wounds and struggling to “move on”...


But it doesn’t have to be like that anymore.

Inside the Heal Your Inner Child Programme you’ll receive

Your Modules:

If you’re well and truly done with feeling like you’re too broken to fix and you’re ready for a life of happiness, success and self-worth... then let’s make it happen, together! 


Manpreet is an amazing caring person and knowing how she has been through all of this really helps knowing I'm not the only one. She really cares and is hugely supportive and helpful. I will always be grateful to her and I am so proud to be part of the community.


Can't thank Manpreet enough. I had been following her podcasts for a while and was so inspired by how openly she speaks about her own trauma experiences. The guidance and tools to move on from trauma really do help and work. I feel like a different person after 8 weeks. More confident, more aware of triggers and negative patterns for once excited about life now that I have dealt with what has been holding me back.  

Being in a group is comforting knowing others had similar experiences and going through the journey together with support. No regrets I 1000% recommend Heart's Happiness for self-development and if you want to live a better life.


I hadn't been to a coach before Manpreet at Heart's Happiness but  I can safely say that I am glad I decided to go down this road. Manpreet has been a terrific coach particularly when it comes to pointing me in a direction and allowing me to make shifts in my thinking. I have discovered so many 'AHA' moments on this course. Manpreet has encouraged me to take, small practical steps to improve my life and the way I feel about myself. Thank you. Forever Grateful




For as long as I run the programme, you will have access to the course content, the Facebook group and the monthly calls. You can log in and get support anytime.



Your 12 modules and adjoining homework is designed to be worked through in around 12 weeks. However, if you find you need a break or you’d like to step back for a bit… you can. 



Healing is possible - I’ve seen it. 

This community, the skillset I provide you with and the stories you’ll gain exposure to with inspire you and show that anything is possible when you invest in yourself.


You are not too broken. But I know exactly how you feel - I’ve been there.

Being in a space with a mentor and guide who has lived your pain enables us to avoid the traditional pitfalls of healing - and head straight for your heart’s happiness, together. 


You are always worth investing in. Being savvy about where you invest your money is no bad thing - but’s also worth remembering that trauma in early childhood can impact our relationship with ourselves - making us feel like we aren’t ‘worth’ investing in. Heck, I know how that feels. It’s something I worked hard to move past, so I could start enjoying my life again.


You can see from the transformations on this page and featured on my social media, that this community model and the modalities I use (plus the fact I’ve walked in your shoes)... works.


The real question is… can you afford not to make this change for yourself?


Can you afford not to stop people-pleasing and putting yourself to the very bottom of the to-do list…?


Can you afford to spend another year falling for the same relationships, the same narcissist behaviours and constantly seeking an approval you know you’ll never get?


If the answer is no way… then it’s time to invest in your heart’s happiness.


Not only did I live it… and heal from it… I’m trained and qualified as a trauma release specialist, and an EFT and IEMT practitioner. I can offer you a multi-pronged and impactful approach to releasing trauma from both your body and mind. 


EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique

Definition: Emotional Freedom Techniques is a technique that stimulates acupressure points by pressuring, tapping or rubbing while focusing on situations that represent personal fear or trauma. (Wiki)


IEMT: Integrated Eye Movement Therapy

Definition: Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing is a form of psychotherapy designed to alleviate the distress associated with traumatic memories such as post-traumatic stress disorder. (Wiki)



There will be an opportunity to submit questions ahead of the live calls, if you cannot attend. I will answer your queries on the call and the replay will be made available to you. You’re also able to seek support inside your Facebook group, 7 days a week.



Simply select “pay in full” or the £333 x 3 payment plan to get started!

No More Questions

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