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The course, community and healing collective...

For empowered adults who refuse to let their past define their future.

You're a giver well  now it's time to listen to your own needs and learn HOW to give to you

You'd love to feel happier in your relationships and more loved! 

You've put everyone's happiness before your own, but now it's your time.

You can kiss goodbye to overthinking and getting anxious about everything

Create a deep sense of security without relying on other people to make you feel safe

Break the cycle and give your kids the start in life/mental freedom you wish you had 

I understand deeply why you are feeling so stuck because  I was you for many years. I tried therapy and I will still doing the same old behaviours and patterns. 


and break the cycle.  I will teach you step by step HOW TO CHANGE and heal within!


Together we will change the way you feel in your body and letting go of the past's hold over you! Letting your younger self be FREE and feel enough! 


You have all the power inside of you. This tool kit helps you to unlock the authentic you and will heal the parts of you who have been caught in surviving.

Reparenting the inner child within you

Start a new chapter where anything is possible no matter what your story is..

Loving relationships, a job you love, a safe home, more money...

It all comes when you unlock your inner power and worth

But sometimes we just need to heal first and take back our power

The beginning of our life can be running the show as an adult so it is time to get conscious of what happened in our stories so we can change our stories.

Let me share my tools with you...

Through a course and a community I will support you to rewrite your story of whatever bad thing happened! 

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I am ready
to HEAL my inner child!!

 Launch Price is £999 or payment plans start at £333 


Manpreet’s course was so much more than I was expecting; impacting so many areas of my life. It brought clarity to difficult situations and relationships, helping me combat my birth trauma.


It also, more importantly, shone a light on the ‘inner child’ and how things you may not have seen as significant have informed future behaviours and actions -  a real eye opener and game changer for me. 

I am still soaking up all the information and will be continuing to learn, heal and grow from Manpreet’s guiding hand and support during this fantastic course.


Having a wonderful, safe space with women that want to show up, feel better, be better and make lasting changes is much needed; especially for women of colour who have not grown up putting themselves first.  

Make the investment: put yourself, your mental health, your future first. It’s like being more aware and awake and time for living life in vibrant colour – do it! 


You want to change but that voice inside isn't so sure it is possible for you. You have tried before and it didn't work.. I get it...


I was YOU

You may have tried  therapy or other approaches but this self hate and self loathing didn't go away

You are stuck in a pattern of behaviour that drives you mad! 

You may just think it is not possible to change on the inside so much that you can change your life on the outside

You may not even think you are worth investing in 

You are too broken to fix

I thought this all too once...

I was at my wits end with myself

Chasing after ANOTHER unavailable man when it dawned on me that I had no idea how to love myself only other people

and it was making me MISERABLE

I had no idea that my childhood was showing up in my relationships, in my job, in my money and in my self esteem

Wasn't this who I was ? How could I change who I fundamentally was?

Anxiety and depression had been in my family. wasn't it just genetic?

This is NOT who you are but this is who your LEARNT to be to survive whatever your story is 

With the right process and little baby steps from you



Whatever the trauma

You weren't given the tools but Heal your inner child will give you all the tools you need to change the behaviours that are keeping you stuck

This approach brought me, my first every healthy relationship, dream job, dream house and a life that is another world compared to my childhood! 


How do I know about all this?


Hi! I’m Manpreet, and I’m a trauma transformation coach and mentor. 


For a long time, I had a string of dysfunctional relationships, and my decisions were dictated by depression and low self-esteem. My family had battled with the same issues but had used addictions, codependency and suicide to escape their own pain. 


I knew I couldn’t follow the same damaging patterns. Something had to change. 


I started a journey of healing my intergenerational trauma and learned a new way to live - one that was finally defined by me. I’ve transformed my life in so many ways, and today have found my heart’s true happiness!  

Using my skills as a trauma release specialist, and an EFT and IEMT practitioner, I can offer you a multi-pronged and impactful approach to releasing trauma from both your body and mind. 

I’m here to help you break the cycle of pain that intergenerational trauma brings into our lives. 


Before I followed my passion for helping others heal from intergenerational trauma, I worked in the corporate world for over sixteen years, helping large organisations with IT and business change. Now, I combine those analytical skills with holistic trauma-informed coaching and mentoring to help people change their lives for the better, for good. 


What happened to you in your childhood isn’t a life sentence - it’s an unfinished story. And it’s time to write the next chapters yourself!


I can’t wait to help start writing them with you with my step by step approach in my course Heal Your Inner Child and my nurturing monthly calls AND the amazing community of empowered adults who chose HEALING! 

Right now you are living your life from a survival response which is why you are not thriving 

This could show up as a combination of : 

  • Feeling SO STUCK and like hasn't moved forwards in years

  • Overworking

  • Over cleaning

  • Perfectionism and no progress

  • Overeating

  • Dating unavailable people or marrying the wrong ones! 

  • Chronically single because the fear to dating is overwhelming

  • Focusing all your time and energy on care taking others

  • Feeling powerless to your emotions

  • Numbing with tv and social media

  • No boundaries in relationships

  • Feeling disconnecting to yourself

  • Self hate and self loathing

  • Addictions

  • Poor body image

  • Giving to everyone else but yourself

  • In relationships but feeling unhappy and like you want to run away

  • Guilt and shame for repeating patterns from childhood with your own kids

None of this is your fault.. You are just TRAPPED in a programme of survival

Launch price £999 or payment plans start at £333 

During this self-paced course with monthly calls all year round ...

Are you ready to take back your power ?

To be a role model for the next generation

To end cycles of trauma repeating

To take responsibility for your own happiness 

To have the love and life you dream of 

To move out of survival mode into creating a life that make your truly happy

To end your  patterns of behaviour that are keep you stuck

To have relationships that are fulfilling and feel safe

To end feelings of self hate, self loathing and feel enough

To soothe that pain deep inside so that it finally passes 

To do life with healthy tools 

To take back the power in your life 

Your happiness

and so much abundance

To feel balanced and inner peace each day

To no longer be running from your emotions

To make PEACE with your past

It is all waiting for you my love 

Launch price £999 or payment plans start at £333

hands creating a love heart in front of a setting sun

Imagine ...

Anxiety, worry and fear no longer holding you back
Feeling in control of your emotions
not afraid of them
Feeling like you are worth any dream

No longer accepting less than you deserve in relationships

Attracting healthy love

Feeling in charge of your destiny

That the hurt in your heart is shrinking

Being whoever you wish to be

Your energy positively impacting those around you

That anything is possible

Having the freedom to be who you were meant to be not who you thought you should be to survive life

No longer impacted by your family's toxic behaviours 

Feeling confident enough to set boundaries

This all happens when you HEAL your inner child


Launch price of £999 or payment plans start at £333 

This self paced programme includes:

love hearts
Finding your heart's happiness 8 week group course (28).png

Monthly Calls with Manpreet
all year around!!! to get support and answer any questions

Finding your heart's happiness 8 week group course (28).png

Supportive Community on facebook

Finding your heart's happiness 8 week group course (28).png

Lifetime access to content as everyone heals at different speeds

Finding your heart's happiness 8 week group course (28).png

Weekly lessons and homeworks

sharing Manpreet's processes that changed her life and clients! 

Launch price £999 or payment plans start at £333 

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