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Well done for taking this monumental step towards your inner healing. 

You’ve just saved yourself a seat at:

The Empowered Adult:

 The Live Masterclass 

How to finally release childhood pain and thrive today - without excusing the past.

Wednesday, 21st February - 6 pm GMT (UK) 

Duration: 90 minutes

A confirmation email is on its way to your inbox at this very moment. Keep this email handy – it’s got all the details you need, including the link to attend the Masterclass. 

I don’t want you to miss out on any of the transformational lessons I’m delivering, so make sure you save the date. Your breakthroughs are coming (along with self-worth, confidence and unbridled joy)..


Here’s a reminder of what we’ll be covering on the day:

 Breaking the pain and shame cycle 🔁 

If you didn’t feel emotionally or physically safe growing up, that shame and insecurity stays with you. 


Whether you’re dealing with a pattern of toxic relationships or self-sabotaging behaviours, you feel stuck and unable to move forward into a brighter future. 

We’ll explore why this happens and how to tap into your self-belief and self-worth.

 Overcoming the past to embrace the future 🌤️ 

Somebody taught a younger part of you that your authentic self isn’t good enough. You learned trauma adaptations to survive your environment, which you’ve carried into adulthood. 


From toxic shame to people-pleasing, external validation is still something you crave. 

We’ll talk about how to release those tendencies so your past no longer dictates your future. 

 Thriving despite trauma 🦋 

You may feel that your trauma wounds have made you powerless against your circumstances. 


But you have the power to take back the reins and break free from those limiting beliefs. 

We’ll discuss how you can rewrite your internal narrative and move away from a state of surviving to thriving.

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