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The Power of Saying "no"

Are you DONE with people pleasing?

Ever since you were young, it hasn't felt safe to disappoint others or say no, even when your gut has told you that something isn't right for you.

You learned to put others first as a survival tactic. You hoped that by pleasing other people, you could avoid emotional outbursts from the adults around you.

When you tried to put yourself first, it wasn't well received, and gradually, you forgot how to do it.

Now, you say yes immediately all the time, even when you have no time or energy, because your body reacts negatively to setting boundaries or saying no.

You always put everyone else before yourself.

You feel needless and wantless.

You struggle to like yourself, let alone love yourself.

You identify as co-dependent but have no idea how to stop because it just doesn't feel safe to do so.

Your parents had their struggles, and it was never about you. Somewhere along the way of trying to please them, you lost yourself.

You're exhausted from taking care of everyone else but yourself.

You're ready to start saying NO but have no idea how to feel safe enough to do so, let alone know what to say.

It's time to reclaim your energy and learn how to say NO with ease and without guilt or shame.

The "Power of No" course gives you your power back by providing you with all the tools and steps to say NO!

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I am ready to say no

Get the course today for £88

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I spent my whole life in toxic relationships because I felt too scared to say no

Manpreet Johal, Founder of Heart's Happiness and former people pleaser. Manpreet is a Trauma Transformation coach who is going to teach you how to say no!

Your story is my story! 

I was bullied as a child by my dad and other family members, so I learned to people-please to feel safe.

Like me, perhaps you learned to dim your light in an attempt to avoid attacks.

It never felt safe to say no or set a boundary, so you learned to just freeze and do nothing.

Or maybe you try to do everything to prevent others from having emotional outbursts.

You end up thinking it's your job to fix other people's emotions.

As you've gotten older, it's felt uncomfortable to be with yourself, as you just don't know who you are. 

You've been so busy walking on eggshells your whole life that you lost your inner power.

But saying NO and setting boundaries takes back that power! 

Being OK with other people not being OK with you sets you free and ends burnout.

This course tells you exactly how to say NO and how to feel safe saying it.

It will help you reclaim your energy and time.

I used the time I reclaimed to find my first healthy romantic relationship and get married. 

I even started this business that I love. What will you do when you are no longer worrying about everyone else?

Right now you are living your life from a survival response known as FAWN 

This could show up as a combination of : 

  • Saying Yes when you really want to say no

  • Putting others needs before your own

  • Worrying about everyone else but you

  • Always trying to fix others

  • Numbing the exhausation of taking care of others with food and other addictions

  • Focusing all your time and energy on care taking others

  • Dating unavailable people or marrying the wrong ones! 

  • No boundaries in relationships

  • Feeling disconnecting to yourself

  • Self hate and self loathing

  • It doesn't feel safe to recieve only to give

  • You feel anxiety thinking about saying no! 

  • Giving to everyone else but yourself

None of this is your fault.. You are just TRAPPED in a programme of survival and it is time to choose you! 

Imagine just being OK and calm setting a boundary 

then using the time and space to make your life better! 

Start THE POWER OF NO TODAY for £88 

What is included in the POWER OF NO course

As a co-dependent in recovery I have all the bits you need to break this pattern of people pleasing and caretaking others! Reclaim back your energy with saying NO and learn how to love you . You get the course for life so repeat as many times as you need to!!!

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Learn to say NO and change your life! 

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