Join the Rewrite Your Story

Membership group

You don't have to be on this healing journey alone. This community helps move you from stuck to becoming your own hero! It includes:
  • Monthly Masterclasses on zoom
  • A facebook community
  • Q&A sessions on zoom
  • Monthly challenges and resources
  • Accountability 
  • A place to meet others who feel the way you do and trying to transform their story
  • A place to feel less alone
  • An opportunity to work with Manpreet throughout the year
  • 10% off all products and services for yearly membership
  • All humans are welcome.
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Yearly Membership

£150 for 12 months 

Only available to current and past clients or if you have been in membership for 3 months

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Monthly Membership

£15.99 per month

Spring Branches

What the membership helps you with...

Self worth

Inner peace

Learn how to let go of

whatever uncomfortable

feelings have been weighing you down unconsciously

for year! Set yourself free! 


We work on learning how to truly love yourself and this 

changes the way you show up in relationships. What you change will be reflected back to you with connection, vulnerability and the love you deserve.

Manifesting dreams

We learn to move away from our survival mentality  and learn to trust how abundant our lives can be when we dare to dream big!

We build your feelings of

worthiness from within

which will change every 

element of your life! 

Once you realise how worthy

you are there is no stopping you.

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Iam here every step of the way

I found my way out of rock bottom and I work on my healing every day! So I teach you what I know works! With each master class and resource I create, I give you exactly what you need to rewrite your story and become the person you were always meant to be. Your own hero! No one needs to let the awful thing that happened to them define them we ALL have the choice to change our story and take responsibility for our own healing.

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Yearly Membership

£150 for 12 months 

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Monthly Membership

£15.99  per month