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Upcoming Online Events

There is something really special that happens when you heal as part of a group. You realise you are not alone in how you feel and your struggles. You connect with people on a deeper level which all of our souls long for.

I have  a special approach to running online group courses whether it is a few hours or a weekly course. I am vulnerable and authentic with my own story so it helps people feel comfortable to share their own. 

I have made many mistakes on my healing journey and am happy to share so you can learn from the mistakes and the many tools I have used. 

There is never any pressure to share personal details but I find people tend to share and heal together. This is a place where we  bring together people's hearts so they can heal. 

This approach is for people who  want to meet other people who are on the same journey as them. It can feel really lonely sometimes as our families and friends may not be where you are. Connecting with others is a tool to help you to heal and find your own voice in a safe environment.  We learn and heal together. 

Whether you decide to train ever week with me on the signature Heart's Happiness course or join me for a one off workshop to enhance your personal development journey. There is something to support you no matter how much time and money you have available.

Finding your heart's happiness 8 week group course

Evolve - Online Masterclass

Thursday 7th September 2023 12pm uk time for 90 minutes or get the replay

EVOLVE past the trauma money blocks for Entrepreneurs

This 90 minute masterclass is for the ENTREPRENEUR who is ready to release fears and trauma wounds about money to build UNLIMITED self belief so you can take action and follow your life's purpose! 

Evolve Online masterclass aon Money Blocks
Heart's Happiness Podcast Goes Live Image
Prince Regents Hotel Chigwell

Come meet me in real life on Sunday 19th November 2023 to be inspired to turn your trauma into your happiness! This special day will be held at Prince Regents Hotel Chigwell from 12pm to 5pm. 

Lunch is served at 12pm prompt from Kaur Samosas and then sit back while I wow you with in person podcast! Yes I will be interviewing special guests on the stage to inspire the F*** out of you to heal from the trauma wounds so you can turn it into magic like I have! 

I will also be taking you through the roadmap to make this happen! 

You will also get access to the live podcast episodes after our event so you can continue to be inspired way after the event! 


I cannot wait to meet you all and give you a big old hug! 

Reprogram your Habits

Get the replay

Your habits determine the direction your life is taking! If you want a different life you have got to change those habits but we can feel lots of resistance due to past traumas.


Like we know we should stop eating cake to get that dream body but we sabotage ourselves and then hate ourselves for being so bad! 


But your brain is simply caught in a trauma loop! Join this masterclass to  learn how to hack these habits! 

Finding your heart's happiness 8 week group course - Image of butterflies being set free
Shooting Star

Manifest Magic

In March 2023  I did a magical workshop on how to manifest more abundance, love, money, happiness etc! You can catch the replay and change your story TODAY! 

Image of a sunset

I am not what happened to me I am what I chose to become -Carl Jung

Image of a microphone with blurry yellow background - Heart's Happiness

Manpreet's Zoom talk on moving through grief was amazing, engaging and very inspiring! 

Karen B

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